3 Easy Steps to Become More Self-Disciplined and Productive for Students

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Everybody has 24 hours in one day.

Our world revolves around this thing called clock that only has 24 hours. We all have 24 hours to sleep, work, enjoy, and think. We see extremely successful people doing incredible things. With only 24 hours.

To make the most out of your 24 hours, you have to:

Figure out your goals first

If you don’t know your goals, you will be lost.

Our goals are the safe place where we find comfort. Our goals define our habits, character, and future.

If you have a goal, you have something greater to work for. I started my journey of self-development in my first semester of college. I failed miserably. I tried to do everything at the same time without a plan. Let me tell you something: you will fail without a plan. A person without a plan is blinded by all different ways to do stuff. At the end of the day, you won’t do anything at all.

Our goals define our plan in life. A plan creates a timeline for productivity. And a timeline creates self-discipline.

A goal means productivity and self-discipline.

Create a list on the activities needed to achieve your goals

Lists are your best friends.

A lists define what you can do in a 24 hour timeline. It’s impossible to do everything in one day.

It’s possible to do everything in one day in your list. In my journey of self-development, I started creating lists. They are simple, but reliable. Some of these are: research universities, write letter of appreciation, or edit pictures. Lists give me a sense of control. And control is the biggest asset in your road of self-development.

A list will organize your goals. Depending on your preference, you can buy a notebook or use a software. Personally, I recommend TickTick.

A list gives control and measure to productivity and self-discipline.

Repeat your process until it’s effortless

An effortless process is a successful process.

Know your process by heart. Repetition is the foundation for perfection. Therefore, repeating a process will make it worthy of your time.

To be honest, we don’t want to work. We have to. I started with a simple goal of reading for 15 minutes. Everyday. For you this may be a simple and easy goal. For me, it was the foundation to let me read for an hour without feeling tired. How? Through repetition. And more repetition.

A process is only as good as many times you do it. Begin small like I did. Slowly build up.

Sooner rather than later, you will see and collect the rewards of repetition and process.



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