Consistency and Its Importance in a Creative Career

Generational Nike Campaign “Just Do It.”

Never give up.

Whatever you do, never stop creating. We have heard the same phrase over and over again. It’s almost part of our DNA. However, not many people decide to embrace it with everything they can. But there are some who do. The successful ones.

Consistency is the proven path for success. This is why:

Every Time You Create, You Have Another Chance

The internet is just a big wheel of chance.

Everytime you publish a piece of work, you enter a chance system that determines if your work is shown to others. The more you publish. The best chances you have to be recognized.

Consistency means publishing. Every single day. In The Art and Business of Online Writing, Nicolas Cole emphasizes on the importance of consistency. He is the one that taught me the representation of the ‘big wheel of chance.’ Cole started writing everyday on Quora. Over time, he consistently improved his writing. To Quora top writer. To writing for executives. To publishing a best-seller.

We are all writers. We are all artists. We are all creatives. However, there is one small difference.

There are some who are consistent. And there are some who are not conistent.

Consistency Transforms The Wildest Ideas Into The Biggest Innovations

The world is made of crazy ideas.

You might think that your way of creating is crazy. It might be. But consistency thinks different. Consistency will turn any crazy or ‘normal’ idea into a hit.

Piece by piece, you can turn anything into success. If you try hard enough. In Shoe Dog, Phil Knight takes us through his mentality in the creation of Nike. If anyone is ever going to tell you about consistency, let it be a hustler. Phil Knight is the biggest hustler in the history of sports. This is his advice:

“Let everyone else call your idea crazy … just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where “there” is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop.” — Phil Knight

If you never stop, they will hear your story. They will pay attention. They will listen.

If your story is good enough, they will see another one. And on you go with the benefits of consistency.

Improving Over Time it’s Easier Than Everything At Once

No one was born a master of a skill.

Everyone started somewhere. The important thing is: they started. They decided to learn, work, and work again. Until they became who they were.

All the great athletes, executives, creatives, benefit from one thing: habits. In Atomic Habits, James Clear explains the importance of becoming 1% better each day for a year. The result? You will become 37.78 better from where you started. 1% each day can be anything. The importance of this statement is the consistency aspect.

Time and commitment are the main factors for improvement. Embrace that with everything you can.

Improve over time, you won’t even recognize yourself after a few months.

Are you going to spin the wheel of chance? Are you going to never stop? Are you going to improve 1% each day?



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