How To Consistently Write Good Articles (And Actually Have People Click On It)

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Writing is difficult.

Good writing is even more difficult. And to do it consistently? Only Top Writers can do that.

Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s true that writing good articles consistently is not an easy task. However, a formula, and great inspiration, can change the way you write forever. Any good writing consists of 3 elements: background, connection, and review.

If you want to be great writer, start acting like one.

This is how I write consistently, and somewhat good:

Read, Read, and Read Again

Reading is crucial.

Reading is the foundation of all my ideas. And all great writers read as well.

I made it a mission to read everyday in the morning. I have read all types of books. Why? To gain background. To gain inspiration. I always try to connect what I read in the morning with my daily article. It’s my way to use the information that I learned, so I will never forget.

Please, always credit your sources. It doesn’t have to be MLA or APA. Just say the name or link to the person.

Reading is my main source of inspiration. My connection between ideas and the world.

Connect Wisdom With Practical Value

People want wisdom. With practical value.

The reason almost everyone wants a mentor is for their wisdom. Now, you might not be a great mentor with immense wisdom. But you can have incredible practical value.

The key to an interesting article is to combine the two. For example, I recently read Contagious. In the book, the author emphasizes that practical value is likely to be shared with audiences. Especially when the content focuses on one specific small audience. Why? Because people like to read stuff that is useful to them.

Once you read incredible wisdom, connect it like I just did. And credit your sources.

Wisdom grabs attention. While practical value makes the writing whole.

Read Your Article Aloud

Review is everything.

A good piece of writing needs to be reviewed. You can’t skip this step.

I get it. Sometimes it’s quite tedious rereading something you just wrote. If it’s tedious for you, imagine how it would be for a random person on the internet. Exactly. The best way to review your article is by reading it aloud. You can check grammar and engagement. At the same time.

It’s crucial for your writing to be reviewed. I use reading aloud because it’s quick and efficient.

Without a review, you run the risk of being boring. Or even worse, to have incorrect grammar.



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