How to Do a Digital Marketing Campaign

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We all have heard it. We all have seen it. However, most of us don’t understand it. What’s Digital marketing? Most importantly, what’s a digital marketing campaign? Digital marketing is a vast open fields of possibilities. Inside this field, an audience grows. A person can choose how to grow their audience and reach their companies goals through the possibilities of marketing. In this article, I will be explaining how to do a marketing campaing. Also, why should you care?

What’s Your Company’s Goal?

The billion dollar question. What’s your company about? Selling cars? Cleaning houses? It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day you’ll need some type of marketing. Whether you like it or not.

It’s important to understand your company’s goal before making any marketing decisions. The main three are: visibility, leads, revenue. If you have just begun your business, you need visibility now more than ever. If you are struggling to find clients, you need leads. If you need some more cash, revenue is what’s keeping you up at night. Now, define what of those three is your most crucial need.

What’s Your Budget Look Like?

Because you haven’t learned the potential of marketing, you might be scared into investing your money into it. My personal advice: don’t be. Start small and then grow with time. Marketing can be started with as little as $1. Here are some companies you probably have heard about and their marketing budgets:

  • Apple: $64.8 million in 2020’s paid search ads alone.
  • Amazon: $471 million in 2020’s paid search ads alone.
  • Alphabet: $774 million in 2020’s paid search ads alone.

If the biggest companies in the world are doing marketing, why shouldn’t you? Now, determine your marketing budget and how you are going to spend it.

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Who’s Your Ideal Buyer’s Persona?

What’s a persona? Don’t be scared. It’s just a different word for person. An ideal buyer’s persona is someone that fits all your ideal characteristics in a client. Crazy right. Here are the qualities you should keep an eye on:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Pain Points
  • Education

Jot all this down on a piece of paper. Maybe it sounds like someone you know. What matters is to make your campaign around this specific ideal person. Now, create the ideal persona, create a name for them, and figure them out.

Which Marketing Fields Should You Invest?

As I said before, marketing is a vast open field of possibilities. The options are endless. It’s important to understand how you are going to grow your aspired audience. Here are some of the biggest type of marketing today:

  • Social Media Marketing: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • SEO: Website enhancement, organic growth through links.
  • PPC: Pay per Click. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, etc.
  • Email Marketing: Gathering a newsletter
  • Content Marketing: Anything you create that gives information or calls to action. Videos, blogs, graphics.

There are many more types of digital marketing. Honestly, you can create your own. Digital Marketing is a field that is quite new. The term ‘digital marketing’ was first used in the 1990s. Since then, it has continued to grow. Therefore, you could even create your own type of marketing and still be successful. Now, pick your top digital marketing fields to start growing your audience.

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How is Your Digital Marketing Going To Be Shown?

I could talk all day about types of digital marketing. However, it’s of no use if you don’t know where to actually go. If you haven’t learned by now, Google is the king of marketing. They control 92% of search engine activity. Without them, the world will break down. The same thing happens to marketing.

Google has search, display, and video ads. They can easily reach billions of people in their umbrella of assets. Another big player is Facebook, or Meta. They control Facebook and Instagram. They are famous for their ads and how much they convert. But how do you choose? Well, I like to break it down in age groups:

There are other platforms where to advertise. Platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc. However, when starting out, it’s better to focus on no more than 3. It will be easier on your personal energy, and marketing budget as well. Now, choose the best platform for you and your business goal.

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Where to Learn More?

If you’ve never heard about marketing before, this might be overwhelming. At least, it was for me when I started reading about it. Trust me when I say this: this is just the beginning. There are hundreds types of marketing. Inside those, there are more information to know and master. It’s all a big maze of information. Nevertheless, it’s not trigonometry or rocket science. It’s just marketing. Here are some of the best websites to learn more:

There is a lot of information out there. Now, you are lost and don’t know where to look first. My recommendation: find what attracts you the most. Master one type of marketing and then move on to the next. Fail and learn. Grow with your audience. In my blog, you can find more information about my interest in marketing and how it can help you.



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