How to Properly Make a To-Do List (And Actually Do The Things On The List)

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Everyone needs a to-do list.

A to-do list is the best way to properly organize your day. And remember what you need to do.

When I started college, I had 6 classes in one semester. No to-do list. What happened? Missing assignments and unprepared exams. Now, I’m still in college. With a to-do list. Writing a Medium article. Studying digital marketing certifications. And more.

A to-do list is not rocket science. A list with things to do. How complicated can it be?

Well, if you don’t know how to make one, you will loose motivation, time, and money. Here is how to make a to-do list:

Buy An Actual Notebook

Paper and pen are here to stay.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But there is something about pen and paper. There is an essence to it.

Also, it costs money. If you are anything like me, working a college job, you want to save money as much as possible. When I use my money, it’s because I believe it’s ultimately necessary. An actual notebook is one of the best purchases of my life. Unconsciously, it makes me respect it. I spent money on it, so I’m going to use it. Everyday.

If in the past you ignored a to-do list, you will actually respect it once you spend money on it.

Use A Pomodoro Time Frame

You don’t have all day.

People believe that they can work 10 hours no problem. That’s impossible. Especially in our ruined attention span.

Working on mental tasks requires a lot of attention. When you don’t have a time frame, you have a tasks where you spent 2 hours. And another one 5 hours. Then, you are left with no time or energy left. The Pomodoro technique will solve that. For example, when writing my articles, I have 2 Pomos. That’s it. 50 minutes and I hit publish.

When you have a lot of stuff to do, it’s important to pace yourself. This is not a race. But a long 26 miles marathon.

You have so much tasks. But only 24 hours. Restrict tasks with pomos to have energy and motivation to complete your to-do list.

Align Important Habits In A Consistent Order

Build a habit chain.

Start your morning with a shower. Then, read a book. Then, write on Medium. You get the point.

I learned the term “habit chain” in Atomic Habits. In my previous article, I explained how the brain works in connections. Well it also works with a rhythm. Once you start a constant routine, the brain knows what’s coming next. And it prepares for it. It’s what athletes call “being in the zone.”

Stick to a routine for one week. Then, compare your task time between weeks. You will notice an unprecedented amount of productivity.

You can enhance your to-do list with a habit chain.



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