I Learned 5 Major Life Lessons, for Young Adults, While Working in Fast-Food for One Year.

Retrieved from Eye On Design

Everybody should work. As soon as possible.

A job is where a person can make the transition between a teenager to a young adult. Why? Because that’s what happened to me. In the work place, I learned essential life skills and lessons. And you will too.

Life opens a new door with your first job. Here are 5 key lessons I learned in my time:

1) Place Boundaries in Your Actions

Don’t try to do everything. All at once.

If you are like me, you want to impress people. Don’t. They are not expecting you to be perfect. They are expecting you to be average. Later on, impress them with your knowledge. Only if you are ready. In the meantime, stick to learning and gathering tips from everyone.

Know your limits. Expand them over time.

2) There is A New Perspective to Life in The Work Place

You are entering the adult world.

We have been excluded from reality this whole time. Since we are born, we are given a mild perception of life. Work is the opposite. Your tasks will quickly teach you life lessons. Cleaning bathrooms. Managing screaming clients. Standing for hours.

Earning money is hard. But it gives you the true perspective of life.

3) A Person Needs to Be Exposed to A Demanding Environment

Don’t be afraid to push your limits.

Right now, you are relaxed. Reading another article. When working, you are pushed to do all different things. While being timed. And while being judged. Everything counts when you clock in. Don’t get me wrong, this is perfect for you.

Work will make you tougher. Starting early will give an advantage against your peers.

4) There is More to Life than School and Friends

Life is more complicated than a class and classmates.

I learned this the hard way. Your coworkers come from different backgrounds. Different perspectives. Different lessons. Take advantage of the opportunity that you have. Get exposed to their knowledge to life.

Trust me, you will use it.

5) Life Doesn’t Get Easier than High School

Let me repeat, life does not get easier.

Life does not slows down in the workplace. You are used to summer breaks. Or Winter recess. In the workplace, you are lucky to get thanksgiving off. I’m not going to lie to you. Working is hard. However, you need to work to succeed later in life.

Don’t expect life to get easier, get ahead in the race with your first job.



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