Notion: The App can Shape Your Life

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Productivity is a lifestyle. People will always go for the low-hanging fruit. When you have free time, do you go out for a run or watch YouTube? Depending on your answer, you are a person who is productive or a person who can be productive. If you don’t want your desk, or life, to be as disorganized as the picture’s desk, you need some sort of organization software. Notion organized my life.

What is Notion?

For those of you who don’t know, Notion can be the most simple way to organize your life. It works as a website or an app. The software organizes your information via “pages” and “subpages.” Basically, you can have a page called “Class Hub” and have multiple subpages like “ENC 1101.” The great thing about Notion is that it’s truly what you make it to be.

My own Class Hub Page

Personalize Everything

From the most simple to-do list to a budget for buying a house. Notion is the platform to personalize your life. And still have everything neatly organized. Also, you can combine other programs into your page. Some of the apps that can be embedded are: Google Drive, GitHub, and Whimsical. For someone that wants an all-in-one place to organize life, I believe that this is the most powerful platform out there.

Share the Organization with Others

Since COVID began, everybody is working from home. Notion saw this as an opportunity to create a more unique place to store information than the classic Google Drive. The platforms allows the sharing of a single page to multiple people. In the case you are big company, you can give certain type of access. As of now, there are 4: Can view, comment, edit, and Full Access. Furthermore, the deadly combination of Slack and Notion kills any miscommunication in the virtual office. Here is an article from Notion itself talking more about it.


Where to Find More Information

If you haven’t noticed, a 5 minute read in Medium is not going to make you a Notion-expert. Personally, I learn the most when seeing things. Therefore, here are some of my favorite YouTubers that go more in depth: Ali Abdaal, Thomas Frank, Michelle Kanemitsu.

Retrospect of Notion

In my humble opinion, this is the best app out there. For someone that has struggle with procrastination all my life, this app helped my situation dramatically. As my first Medium article, I thought of how I got to the point of even writing a blog. Without Notion, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Give it a try; you won’t regret it.

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