How to Effectively Produce Content

Everybody produces some kind of content in today’s world. We have those who publish whenever they feel like it. We have those who upload daily. Then, we have those who publish strategically. The key to content production is planning. In this article, I’ll show you how to improve, and hopefully perfect, your content planning. Let’s learn.

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Learn Your Place

In today’s social media world, we are shown thousands of new content on our phones, tablets, TVs, everywhere. It’s almost restless. When we begin our journey of creating content, we think we can compete with the giants. Let me tell you something: we can’t. Netflix or ESPN have multi-million dollar budgets for their social media teams. Meanwhile, you and I have a lot of passion and some free time. We need to learn our place.

Another aspect of learning your place is knowing where to spend your energy. Here are some of the most important social media platforms right now and their audiences:

  • Instagram: Young Adults to Adults.
  • TikTok: Mainly teenagers.
  • Youtube: All audiences.

Content Pillars, Content Pillars, and more Content Pillars

The title of this article explains perfectly the secret of content. Just plain old planning. It may be boring for some. Also, it may be tedious. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. Content pillars are a great way to start planning your content. It works like this:

  • Define 3 to 5 main topics you want to share.
  • Absorb inspiration from others in the same industry.
  • Create engaging and meaningful content.
  • Analyze and do it all again.
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Design Your Guidelines

Now that you know where and how to create your content, it’s time to learn about guidelines. Content guidelines are the borders of your territory. It’s a way to ensure that brand values and identity are the same throughout the board. For example, you don’t want a black and yellow picture on Instagram. Then, go ahead on TikTok and post a pink and purple video. We need guidelines to establish and maintain:

  • Brand identity and values
  • Color palette
  • Message to audience
  • Path to growth

Having guidelines for your content might be a synonym for ending creativity. It’s the inverse. Having a set of guidelines protects your platform from dangerous decisions. Therefore, it preserves and creates creativity.

Re-Use Your Content

We don’t have all the time in the world. If you see two articles with different read times, you always choose the shorter one. It’s human nature to go the easy route. Therefore, we need to re-use our content. What can this lead to? It can lead to having a constant cycle of content throughout your brand.

Re-using your content is the only thing separating creation and burning out. For example, you might record a Youtube video. Then, make a transcript, edit it, and upload it to a blog site. After that, choose the best five pieces of information, then create an Instagram carousel. As I said before, different platforms have different tastes. Maybe, YouTube will not be your platform. However, you still have a chance on your blog or Instagram. That’s the true power of re-using your content.

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Where to Learn More

I hope you learn a few hacks in this world of content production. Of course, to create content, you first need a foundation of knowledge in writing, social media, and other vital-marketing skills. Therefore, here are some of my mentors in this complex world of producing content:

  • Peter McKinnon: the person that taught me the basics of photography and video production.
  • Thomas Frank: the person that taught me how to write effectively
  • Hootsuite: the platform that taught me the best social media practices for business.

Don’t be fooled. I didn’t learn by watching a few videos or reading a few blogs. Learning requires failing and starting again. Content production is a process where the only motivation lies in you and the work you wish to produce. Now, find your inspiration and create some content. Also, please plan it.



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