The Edit Button: Twitter’s Biggest Flaw and Strength At The Same Time

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Dear Twitter, don’t create an edit button.

Since twitter rose in popularity, the addition of the edit button created a controversial topic. And for good cause. I mean: what type of writing platform doesn’t let you edit your work? Twitter. The edit button creates an individuality for the platform.

That’s why twitter’s biggest flaw and strength is not having an edit button. Here is more of my argument:

The Edit Button Brings Millions of Impresions for Twitter

We all have seen the troll tweets.

It’s impossible to ignore them. Because they take over the platform. They know the joke within the community, so they exploit it.

The attention that the edit button brings is massive. Let’s compare it to Instagram’s. Have you ever seen a post from their account? Sure, they have millions of followers. But have you ever liked their picture? I am sure you haven’t. However, when twitter posts about the edit button, there is millions of likes and retweets.

The key to maintain an audience is to connect with them. Twitter uses this notion to perfection.

The edit button is the middle-man.

Creators Don’t Care About It Anymore

People are used to the “normal” twitter.

There is no need for an edit button. Why? Because people are already in love with the platform as it is.

If they add an edit button, great. If they don’t, it will be business as usual. Remember Twitter Blue? For those of you who don’t, Twitter Blue is a subscription plan for a “better” twitter experience. Also, it added an edit button. But it disappeared after 10 seconds of posting. Now, think about how many people actually bought Twitter Blue.

In my case, I haven’t met a single soul. This is clear evidence that people don’t care about an edit button.

In a strange way, writers enjoy not having an edit button.

Twitter’s Uniqueness Lies in The Edit Button

There is no platform like Twitter.

It has everything a person could ask for. With the only exception: an edit button.

Maybe that’s why Elon Musk bought the platform recently. Think about the other platforms on social media. Instagram. Tiktok. Snapchat. Facebook. They are all the same. Stories, posts, short videos. In Twitter, you can say whatever you want. Without being able to edit it. Like what happens in real life.

I believe Twitter’s platform is the closest we have to real life. There is no filter or edit button.

There is just words.

There is no platform like Twitter.



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