The Only Strategy Needed to Finally Attract and Keep an Audience in Social Media.

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Social media is the ultimate attention game.

Think about the last time you entered a someone’s profile on Instagram. Maybe it was your favorite soccer team. How long did you stayed there? Why? What did you gain from it? In my previous article, I talked about productivity in 24 hours. Well for attention in social media, it’s more like 24 seconds.

If you cannot captivate a person in 24 seconds, you lost the attention game. The strategy to win consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Find the Pain Point in Your Audience

Your audience is your business.

You might think that you are the center of attention. Let me tell you: you could not be more wrong. Audience is king. Everybody has a problem, and your product is that solution. Find a person’s problem. Create that solution. Enjoy the attention.

It’s not about what you care about. It’s about what your audience cares about.

Step 2: Cut Everything That’s Unnecessary in Your Profile

Everything is about those 24 seconds.

Here is how you should be thinking: How fast can I describe my product? How fast can I sell my service? How fast can I attract a person? Steve Jobs made a 9-page ad for computer geeks. The computer failed. Then, Steve Jobs made a 2-word ad for everybody. That ad made Apple.

Do your best, as fast as possible.

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Step 3: Make the Final Cut Simpler

Everything can be shorter.

If you can describe your product in one word, go for it. Put yourself in the shoes of a random person. A random person with a problem, and eager to use your solution. The process goes like this:

  • The Most Affordable Coffee Mug that You Will Never Regret Buying as a Freshman Starting in College.
  • The Best and Most Affordable Coffee Mug for College Students.
  • Cheap and Reliable Coffee Mug.

A person has 24 seconds to understand your product. Can you sell it in 12 seconds?



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