The Secret Advantage You Need To Finally Beat Instagram’s Algorithm

Juan Minoprio
3 min readMay 9, 2022


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The secret advantage is Instagram’s Carousels.

Carousels are the most engaged type of post in Instagram today. They beat images. Videos. Stories. Even Reels. However, it’s tricky to get into the good side of the algorithm with a carousel.

There is a secret formula in an Instagram Carousel. The best thing is: is backed by data.

Data Behind Carousel’s Success

Strategies are as good as their data.

With accurate data backing your strategy, it’s hard to not achieve the results you wanted. Data is the ‘X’ factor behind every decision in the marketing world.

I researched the type of post with most engagement on Instagram. The results shocked me. The innocent Carousels were leading the race in almost every chart. Below, you will see the chart I’m referring to. The average engagement of Instagram’s Carousels is 1.92%. While Image has 1.74%. And Video has 1.45%.

In simple english, Carousels have a clear advantage against its competition. In the race of engagement, even a 0.01% could make the difference. Carousels have 0.18%.

Data shows that focusing on Instagram’s Carousels work.

Retrieved from SocialInsider

Carousel’s Best Practices

Carousels best practices are: maximum length and video/photo combination.

Data shows that using maximum length of 10 slides will increase the engagement to 2.07%. Even better, a video/photo combination increases engagement to 2.33%

Remember what I said about the race of engagement, more 0.01% means more chances on beating the algorithm. Video gives 0.41% in advantage. Why not invest in it? If you want to learn more about video in social media, here is a previous article that I wrote. Also, below I attached the data behind these numbers.

Use the algorithm in your advantage. Spend some time expanding the carousels. And adding video as well.

A Carousel with 10 slides and video will drive more engagement than all your posts.

Retrieved from SocialInsider
Retrieved from SocialInsider

Carousels Bring More Than Just Views

Carousels can bring in comments too.

Data shows that Carousels receive more comments than Images, but less than Video. However, when video dominates in Carousels, comments are higher than videos alone.

Again, in simple terms, use new combinations of video and images for carousels. They are more likely to receive more comments. Resulting in more engagement. The median numbers of comment in Carousels with video is 26. That’s compared to 7 with just images. Below is the graph showing the numbers.

Carousels and video go hand in hand. Instagram is changing and it is harder to bring in engagement with the old ways.

Retrieved from SocialInsider

Carousels are the way to go today. Tomorrow? It may be reels. However, the real question is: are you going to adapt?



Juan Minoprio