The Top 4 Content Forms to Grow Your Business in 2022

Retrieved from Entrepreneur

“Content is king.” — Bill Gates

The fight for attention is won by incredible content.

I researched what type of content is driving the most engagement. Four types are dominating in 2022. Dominating in social media. Dominating in google search. Dominating everywhere.

To grow digitally, you need to create content. Here is where you should focus your energy:

1) Blogging: If you’re sharing written-information.

Blogs are your central hub for information.

They drive hundreds of thousands of views. Daily. For a lot of people. They can be simple opinion pieces. In the other hand, they can be pieces backed by experience. Like this one. Blogging can be short-form or long-form.

Your blog is your main source of information. Use a blog to explain your business. To everybody.

2) Video: If you’re driving customers into action.

Videos create emotions. And Emotions create actions.

I have produced video content since 5 years ago. There is something behind a video. There is a human aspect to it. The footage. The music. The pace. All that together creates something out of thin air.

That something is the action you are seeking. The money shot.

3) Graphics: If you’re communicating numbers or data.

Graphics are trusted. Trust drives even more engagement.

Everybody has an underlined trust for graphics. Use that in your advantage. When people see numbers nicely put together, they tend to pay attention. Especially if it relates to them.

Graphics are your best friend. Since they already have trust to boost their engagement.

4) Carousels of Pictures: If you’re telling a story in stills.

A picture doesn’t say a word. A sets of pictures tells a story.

The days of a single picture are gone. Especially in social media. Instagram is focusing on “Carousels” in their algorithms. Use them as much as possible. Combine pictures with graphics. Or with anything else said in this article.

You are telling a story. Not a word.

When all these 4 types of content are combined, you will grow digitally. Why? Because you are not another product. You are a product that connects.



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